Welcome to Mega Plast Engineer’s

Established in 1980 by Mr. G. C Pandey, Mega Plast Engineer’s become one of the leading manufacturer of PVC (Soft, Rigid, Lamination, Shrink film Plant) and PP Sheet Plant.
Since establishment the company has continuously promoted the development of high-performance, high productivity, and productivity and high-quality extrusion machines, include PVC Extruder tubing film plant (Soft, Rigid, Lamination), SPVC Extruder Sheet T-Die Plant, Shrink Film Plant, PP Sheet T-Die Plant.
We uphold the spirit of business services to operate our company. In order to ensure that our services to meet our customers demand. Providing best quality of machines and consider customer satisfactions and quality.
Mega Plast Engineer’s offers more technical and professional after sales-services, for all our customers to provide technical and professional guidance to related plastics machinery, we can also assist our customers in the whole plant production planning in order to provide our service with the best quality.

Our Mission And Values

At Mega Plast Engineer’s, our experienced and knowledge takes a personalized approach to offer clients a full range of machinery. Our mission is to work alongside clients to develop efficient and affordable machine to meet the most stringent requirement, constantly striving to keep our knowledge up to date in a world where technology is always evolving.